1. Get Help From a Realtor When Flipping Houses

    Florida, especially the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas are ripe for house flipping. The housing crisis hit the area hard and left many homes needing special attention. If you’re new to the game of flipping houses to make a quick profit, the real estate agents at Realty Resources want to help you out. Not only can we help you find a property for sale, including foreclosed homes, we are here t…Read More

  2. Summer Events In St. Petersburg

    Moving to a new town means that there may be a little bit of an adjustment period. Even for couples and families it can take time to make friends and feel like a member of the community. To ease this transition period, the realtors at Realty Resources suggest jumping right into the exciting events taking place this summer in St. Pete. Hang out at the local bar, see a show, and maybe meet a neighbo…Read More

  3. Relocate to St. Pete for the Growth in These Industries

    There’s something for everyone in St. Petersburg, not just for those looking to get a tan or to retire in peace. Along with a walkable, growing downtown and projects that will revitalize other areas, St. Pete is seeing economic growth that is bringing newcomers to the area that want to start small businesses or find a home in these five growing business sectors. If you’re looking to relocate t…Read More

  4. Real Estate Challenges in St. Pete, FL.

    There are challenges to selling and buying a house across the country. When you’re planning on diving into the St. Petersburg real estate world, it’s important to know specific challenges in your area, whether you are buying or selling. With a reliable realtor on your side, you can be confident that whatever difficulties you’re facing, you can find the right buyer for your home or the perfec…Read More

  5. Get to Know The Neighborhoods in St. Petersburg

    In a popular area like St. Petersburg, Florida, the more you know about the neighborhoods in the city, the easier you will be able to buy a home of your dreams. In this post, we will highlight some of our favorite neighborhoods that we think you’ll fall in love with. At Realty Resources, we want to be just that - a resource for all of your real estate needs. If you’re just starting out in St. …Read More

  6. Why Live in St. Petersburg?

    Florida isn’t just for retirees and spring breakers anymore. There is a culture arising in parts of Florida and St. Petersburg might be the source. From great food, local artists, and of course, sun, St. Petersburg has a lot to offer for newcomers. If you’re relocating to this sunny peninsula just west of Tampa, you have a lot to look forward to! To find a house for sale that you can make the …Read More

  7. Help Your Realtor Help You

    There aren’t many people who want to take their time trying to buy a home. Buying a home is an exciting road to go down, but typically the quicker and smoother the process is, the better it will be for everyone involved. At Realty Resources, we are as dedicated to finding you a home as you are. The real estate process can be challenging and time-consuming, but with cooperation and teamwork, we c…Read More

  8. What to Know About a Home Inspection

    Buying a house is an overwhelming process, especially if you have never been through it before. Searching for houses for sale, visiting houses, putting in an offer, home inspections, negotiations, it all seems endless. Many first time home buyers hope that when the process has reached a home inspection, that they are home free. This can be true, but home buyers should know that more rounds of nego…Read More

  9. Why a Short Sale is Better than a Foreclosure

    In the previous blog, we discussed what a short sale is and what is involved in the process. There are many times when the lender approves a short sale where it can be beneficial to the seller, the home buyer, and the lender. Even though it still can be a time-consuming process, the other option for a homeowner who owes more money on their house than it is worth on the market is a foreclosure. If…Read More

  10. Your Guide to Short Sales

    With unpredictable job markets and a shaky housing market, there are times when a homeowner will be unable to make consistent mortgage payments. This can result in a short sale. The short sale process can be extremely complicated, dealing with lenders, real estate agents, and time. When you find yourself in a possible short sale situation, contact a real estate agent as soon as possible to get the…Read More