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It’s an exciting time! You’re buying a new house. Whether you’re a first time home-buyer or a seasoned investor, the process is exactly the same. Let us save you the guesswork and help you land that perfect real estate property to fit your needs. See some important facts below about the advantages of working with one of the top buying agent’s teams out there on the market.

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Why A Buyer’s Agent Benefits You Best: Saves You Money, Time & Frustration

We’re not the Listing Agent

A listing agent’s loyalty lies with his seller, and this can lead to conflicts of interest and not negotiating the best deal for you. Working directly with listing agents also means you have to start over with each new property. On the other hand, meeting the right buyer’s agent who understands your needs and really targets houses for you, as we hope to be, is a huge time saver. After all, why work with 10 listings agents, when you can work with one buyer’s agent who will have all your ducks in a row? Having a buyer’s agent means someone committed to protecting your interests at all times.

We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Need a loan? Our realtors will guide you through every step from pre-approval to securing the funds necessary to buy your new house. We maintain close relationships with various mortgage lenders and financial institutions, and should the loan fall through for any reason with a conventional lender, we’ll work hard to find you a backup lender.

We advise you on the best terms to submit for a Winning Offer.

In the increasingly competitive market, our realtors know the dynamics of bidding wars and how to navigate them for our buyers to come out on top. Let us advise you on the best possible terms to present in your offer, giving you the best chance at being chosen. With a realtor, you have a skilled negotiator by your side every step of the way and through every contract negotiation.

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