There’s something for everyone in St. Petersburg, not just for those looking to get a tan or to retire in peace. Along with a walkable, growing downtown and projects that will revitalize other areas, St. Pete is seeing economic growth that is bringing newcomers to the area that want to start small businesses or find a home in these five growing business sectors. If you’re looking to relocate to St. Pete, your local real estate agent can help you find the perfect home for you and your family.

Real EstateMarine and Life Sciences

Located on a peninsula off of Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg offers a perfect location for businesses in the marine and life science industry. Downtown St. Pete is right on Tampa Bay, providing excellent research opportunities. In the life science sector, health care services continue to provide support for the senior population. Johns Hopkins also have a strong presence in the St. Petersburg area. Employers in these industries include:

  • University of South Florida College of Marine Science
  • International Ocean Institute
  • All Children’s Hospital
  • The Children’s Research Institute

Buying a House in St. Pete?

Specialized Manufacturing

America’s economy has grown due to manufacturing and it’s no different in St. Petersburg. Many residents are employed in the specialized manufacturing sector, specifically those manufacturing electronic components and medical devices. St. Petersburg is a leading market for exports of printed circuit boards and semiconductor machinery. Employers include:

  • IcareLabs
  • Tricom Technology
  • General Electric Medical Systems
  • Elreha Printed Circuit Boards

homes for sale in St. PetersburgFinancial Services

Young and old alike need assistance with their financial needs and St. Petersburg has a wide range of financial services that provides just this. Securities and asset management, insurance, and customer care services are three industries that are booming in the St. Pete area with over 14,000 employees in over 600 local businesses. Creating jobs and building wealth in the area, find a job quickly in the financial services sector. Employees include:

  • TransAmerica Life Insurance
  • Raymond James Financial
  • FIS Management Services
  • PSCU Financial Services

Create Arts and Design

If you love art and want to start your career in a growing artist community, you have endless options. Five art districts, seven performing arts companies, galleries, museums, theater and music venues, traditional art as well as digital and multimedia markets, St. Petersburg is the place to be. The New York Times even included St. Pete on a list of 52 places to go in 2014. Employers include:

  • Salvador Dali Art Museum
  • RDesign, Inc.
  • Mesh Architecture
  • Apan Software

Buying a Home in St. Pete

The booming real estate market in St. Petersburg allows newcomers looking to buy a home plenty of options and many desireable neighborhoods. From the marine sector on the shore to various artists communities, the realtors at Realty Resources have the knowledge and experience you need when finding that perfect property for sale. From the first consultation to signing the final closing papers, our team of real estate agents can help you navigate the complicated process of making an offer, home inspections, negotiations, and final contracts. Realty Resources is more than just a real estate company, we offer local knowledge so that you can truly become one of us. Call us today to get started.