There are challenges to selling and buying a house across the country. When you’re planning on diving into the St. Petersburg real estate world, it’s important to know specific challenges in your area, whether you are buying or selling. With a reliable realtor on your side, you can be confident that whatever difficulties you’re facing, you can find the right buyer for your home or the perfect home for you and your family. Contact Realty Resources today to get started.

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What Is the Current Market Condition in St. Petersburg?

The market in St. Pete has been on the rise and looks like it’s continuing to be a hot real estate market to watch for in 2017. With downtown projects and educational opportunities, there is job growth to look forward to and this means more and more people are looking for homes for sale. This makes the area a great seller’s market with more than enough families looking for homes. Those looking to settle in the area may find steep competition when searching for that perfect home and you need the right realtor to get the search started quickly and continue the process with the right knowledge and experience to seal the deal.

Unrealistic Home Buyers and Sellers

homes for saleBuyers and sellers alike can be unrealistic when it comes to a home’s price and condition. Buyers often want to make offers well below asking price and sellers want to sell for more than their asking price. Both parties can’t win and so there needs to be some compromise and willing to adjust to terms in the contract when entering the real estate market. Along with realizing what the market condition is in the area comes knowing what your house is worth compared to other similar homes.

As with a home’s price, when there is work to be done on the home, sellers may want the buyer to be responsible. On the other hand, buyers will often wants repairs to be completed before accepting a final offer. Having an open mind and a realtor that is adept at negotiating can go a long way. Smaller repairs such as a leaky faucet are fixes that the seller can manage in order to appeal to buyers. Larger fixes such as a new roof or furnace replacement may need to be negotiated into the contract.

Keeping Your Home Ready For Showings

A seller’s market means that potential buyers will constantly want to see your home. With the proper real estate agent, a house for sale should be open and ready for showings to ensure a buyer will show up quickly. This means sellers will have the challenge of keeping their home clean and tidy at all times. Daily tasks of clearing and wiping down counters and vacuuming can go a long way in preparing for a showing.

To sell your house quickly or to find a home for your family, make sure you have an experienced realtor on your side. Real estate markets fluctuate so stay on top of what’s going on in St. Petersburg with an agent who is dedicated to the success of the clients. Call Realty Resources today to learn more.