Florida isn’t just for retirees and spring breakers anymore. There is a culture arising in parts of Florida and St. Petersburg might be the source. From great food, local artists, and of course, sun, St. Petersburg has a lot to offer for newcomers. If you’re relocating to this sunny peninsula just west of Tampa, you have a lot to look forward to! To find a house for sale that you can make the home of your dreams, contact a reliable realtor at Realty Resources.


No, not the food. If you want to pass for a local in St. Petersburg, put some shorts on, work on your tan, and start calling the city “the ‘burg,” or at least “St. Pete.” And don’t give yourself away as someone who is new in town, call the other locals in your neighborhood “burgers.” It might not be quite the same as calling someone from New York a “New Yorker,” but local ‘burgers don’t seem to mind.

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houses for saleLooking for Some Vitamin D?

St. Pete has all the sun you’ll ever need. Whatever your favorite past times are, you can sail, fish, drink on your favorite restaurant’s patio and rooftop bar, or spend some time at a festival without worrying too much about what the weather is like. Not only is Florida nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” but we hold the record for the most consecutive days of sunshine ever.


St. Petersburg is home to more food trucks than you count. With perfect weather, you can spend the day at the beach, shopping, or even working and nothing will taste better than your favorite food truck. Authentic tacos, pizza, pork burrito, or even Korean, we have it all.


Home to the major league baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays, you can catch a game at the favorite Tropicana Field. Get a dog (you know, bun, mustard, relish), a beer, and be sure to bring your lucky glove to catch a fly ball and you’ll be living the dream.

real estate agentFeeling Artsy?

If you’re more classically inclined, visit the Salvador Dali Museum that boasts the largest collection of Dali artworks outside of Europe. If the art doesn’t fit your taste, the architecture might. If you want a more down to earth art scene, check out some local artisans selling their goods at the St. Petersburg Indie Market. You can find jewelry, canned goods, and herbs.

Real EstateHow About Creepy?

Check out the Hellview Cemetery that is believed to be a portal for evil. If that isn’t enough, try a ghost tour of St. Petersburg and learn about Dead Man’s Keys, Al Capone’s love nest, and haunted forts. After a night of darkness, you’ll want to spend the day at the beach.

Do You have a Dog?

It’s hard leaving your dog home alone when you spend the day in the rays, so don’t! St. Petersburg has several off-leash parks and two dog-friendly beaches to enjoy. It doesn’t stop there, either, St. Pete. has fido-friendly restaurants as well.

Not only does St. Petersburg has some of the best beaches, food, and culture, you can find some of the best homes for sale as well. The realtors at Realty Resources will help you buy a house and tell you where to get the best coffee, craft beer, or nightlife in town. Call a real estate agent today, we can’t wait to show you around.